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DNS Settings

It may take up to 3 days before your dns name shows up in the TLD servers, or if you already had your domain name it can take up to 3 days before your dns changes take place.  So be patient if it takes a little while before you can get into your cPanel.  Usually it will begin to work within the first 24 hours, We've seen it take up to 48.

A typical configuration looks like this:

Host Name Record Type Address
@ MX mail

Some DNS configuration tools may require this configuration:

Host Name Record Type Address
@ MX mail.YourDomainNameHere

What these lines mean are:

1.  @ stands for "this domain", for example @ in our DNS stands for "", CNAME tells the DNS server that this record's address is really a pointer to another DNS record.  This first line tells the DNS server to use the real address that resolves to.

2.  The MX record tells mail servers where to send mail.  Line two instructs mail servers to resolve "mail.YourDomainName" and send mail there.  When the email servers go to resolve "mail.YourDomainName" they will use record 3.

3.  * matches on any host name for this domain, so mail.YourDomainName, ftp.YourDomainName, www.YourDomainName, etc... will all point to the DNS record, which resolves to our hosting server.

These CNAME records allow us to move your service to other servers as needed without you suffering any downtime or having to change your DNS.

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