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Using cPanel For The First Time

It may take up to 3 days before your dns name shows up in the TLD servers, or if you already had your domain name it can take up to 3 days before your dns changes take place.  So be patient if it takes a little while before you can get into your cPanel.  Usually it will begin to work within the first 24 hours, We've seen it take up to 48.

To log in to your cpanel (where you control all your email accounts and web settings) go here:

https://<your domain here>:2083/frontend/x/index.html

It will ask for a name and a password. Use the account name and password we sent you. Make sure you use the correct upper and lower case characters.

1. You will get an impressive array of icons that take you to different things you can do with your web site. The first one you will want to go to is Mail, and from there select the third item that comes up on the list "Default Address". Change it to whatever you want your main email account to be, for example  Here you need to enter the full email address with the @ sign and the domain name as we give in our example

2. After you've set your default address, go back to the Mail list and select the second item, Add/Remove Accounts. Go and add the account name that you used as the default account from step 1.  When entering the name of this account don't use the @ sign or the domain name.

If you don't create any more email accounts any email sent to your domain will go to your default address. This is a nice way to have "fake" accounts like and and have the email actually go to your default address.

Of course you can create more email addresses if you want, but it may not be necessary at this time.

3. Go back to the main cpanel menu (you can get there by clicking the link above again if you wish). The forth row down, second over from the left click on "Front Page Extensions", then click on "Install Extensions". This will set up your site to allow you to use Front Page to create your site on your local computer, then publish it up to the server.

4. Now go back to the main cpanel menu and click "Change Password", third over on the top row. Set your account password to something other than what was sent to you in your initial email.  Remember this password - you'll need it every time you come back to cpanel's main menu.

5. To configure Outlook Express with your new default account, go to Tools | Accounts and create a new email account, your account name (for logging in) will be the full email account you used in step 1 ( included), all lower case, and the password you specified when you set up the account case specific. The mail servers are both, and you'll need to open the properties on it after you create it and go to the servers tab and select "My server requires authentication" down at the bottom.

Now you're all set. Use front page or some other editor to create your site (at least a main page named index.html) and upload it to and your site will be completely up. Until you upload your own index.html page anyone who visits your site will be redirected to the company site, and you don't want that to keep happening.

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