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   Computer Security Research .com has been providing online security services for 5 years and has developed several exciting technologies that you may find valuable.

Tired of spam?  Buckets Of Spam .com has a track record of removing over 99.25% of all the spam that goes through it.  That means out of 1,000 spam emails sent to you, you would see less than 8 of them.

Need to secure your business?  Computer Security Research .com has developed a proprietary security server that has never been compromised, neither have the computer systems it protects.  Let this security server sit between you and the Internet to protect all of your internal systems from any outside threats.

Need a server to run without any interruption?  Can't afford any downtime?  Computer Security Research .com has developed a High Availability (HA) Server that is completely fault tolerant.

Need to load balance between several (or many) computers?  Would you like to scale your equipment to meet the growing demands of your business?  Computer Security Research .com has developed a Virtual Server Cluster to do just that.  You can start with one compter system and add additional systems as needed.  You can even safely remove running systems from the cluster without interrupting any of your service.

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August 5, 2003
We established our hosting server behind the Firon 8.1 Security Server and began to offer secured hosting solutions.